Dr. Lloyd Peters

Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Entellect

Dr Lloyd Peters is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Entellect, a technology and consulting company. Entellect differentiates itself from the rest of the sector by providing descriptive and predictive analytics in a one-stop place. Entellect’s core services of machine learning (predictive analytics) and real-time business intelligence dashboards are improving competitive advantage, improving revenue and mitigating losses for organisations. 
His passion for studying and solving hard problems, which has given him many firsts, has taken him through research, commercial and consulting roles to finally creating Entellect. The industry firsts has not only added value to organisations, but is slowly being applied to industries as a whole. Further, Dr Lloyd is innovating with product development in the real-time machine learning space. He has published his research in the Australian Mathematical Society and Cambridge Philosophical Society, and holds a PhD in mathematics from Monash University.