Duncan Fletcher

Chief Technology Officer @ QxBranch

Duncan is the Chief Technology Officer for QxBranch, a quantum computing software and services company. He is also a senior software architect with the Defence Science and Technology Group at Edinburgh in South Australia.  In his eighteen years at DST Group, Duncan has gained extensive experience in the development of aerospace vehicle models, probabilistic risk analysis, simulations and associated software, and the application of high-performance computing. He now applies his broad knowledge of complex computation systems to development of quantum computing capabilities.

Duncan graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1998 with first class honours in Computer Systems Engineering whereupon he joined the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group) as a software engineer.

Duncan is the founding developer and a principal architect of Opal – a Modelling and Simulation software suite – and, from 2004, led the creation of Range Safety Template Toolkit (RSTT) for probabilistic risk analysis of guided weapon test firings using advanced statistical techniques and high-performance computing. From 2012, Duncan was Lead Engineer for the Department of Defence’s leading desktop missile and engagement performance analysis simulator, MECA.

He is currently the Group Leader for Adaptive Information Architectures in the Weapons & Combat Systems Division (WCSD) of DST Group, leading research into open systems architectures and architectural resilience for tactical military systems.

Duncan is also the Chief Technology Officer for QxBranch (www.qxbranch.com), one of the World’s first quantum computing software and services companies. There he leads a team of software engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians creating software for quantum computing and advanced data analytics.

Duncan is a published author in aerospace modelling and simulation and in quantum computing applications.