Fiona Boyd

CEO and Co-founder @ ParentPaperwork

Fiona is a long-time entrepreneur and former ABC Radio broadcaster and manager. In 2000 she co-founded the online publisher Arts Hub and grew the business to a paid subscriber base of 10,000+. Arts Hub was sold in 2006 to a group of private investors who are still running the business and serving the arts, cultural and creative communities today. Fiona also co-founded the sister site, Screen Hub and various other online plays, including REmessenger, an online social media platform for real estate agents, which was sold to partners in San Francisco. Fiona is currently the CEO and Co-founder of ParentPaperwork, an online data capture, management and reporting platform for schools worldwide. At time of writing ParentPaperwork has over 400 schools customers in 8 countries. The mission of ParentPaperwork is to make the work effort of teachers and school administrators more effective by digitising paper-based processes that are still part of their workload burden.