Jason Widjaja

Associate Director Data Science (AI) @ MSD / Lauretta.io

Jason believes in working towards a better world through data. A multi-disciplinary professional, he leads a high performing and quirky data science team in MSD’s Global Data Science Competency. Jason’s team specializes in AI technologies and products, with competencies in NLP, computer vision, machine learning, automation and AI governance and ethics.

Jason spent half his career in Australia before relocating back to Singapore in 2016. Since then, he has been active in the local start-up ecosystem, as a co-founder of Lauretta.io with his brother Galvin, and a mentor to AI startups in partnership with local venture capital firms in Singapore.

Jason was on the Melbourne Business School Dean’s List for his MBA in 2010 and graduated from the same university with a second master’s in Business Analytics in 2015. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Computing from the National University of Singapore and a first-class honours’ in Business Information Systems and Human Resources Management from Middlesex University.

In his free time, Jason enjoys reading, gaming and giving back by advocating for ethical AI and diversity in tech. He is a contributor to Singapore’s AI Governance Framework and a top writer on Quora, with over 1,000 answers in Data Science, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.