Nagender Chetti

TitleExecutive Manager, Commercial & Consumer Markets | Mass Markets Manager @ Suncorp Group

Nagender Chetti is Executive Manager at Suncorp Group, accountable for driving growth and leading business development of approximately $6B in Gross Written Premium (GWP) for Suncorp’s Commercial & Consumer Insurance portfolios. He has successfully lead multiple strategic initiatives with his strong business development & innovative growth mindset. Some examples of his projects include partnering with US based Fintech Company Trov to deliver first ever on-demand insurance product in Australia, use banking transactions to understand customer spending behaviour in financial and retail products, and use advanced analytics to derive Competitor insights to shape business development strategies. Currently, he is leading a highly skilled analytics team of 50 people including actuaries, data scientists, statisticians, mathematicians and analysts to drive strategic business initiatives.

Nagender holds Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School – University of Melbourne, MIT from Griffith University and Bachelor of Engineering Degree. He has 15 years of experience in Banking and Insurance sector, particularly in applying advanced analytics in understanding consumer behaviour, identifying market trends, delivering business development initiatives that champion innovation and add value to millions of customers.