Rhondalynn Korolak

Founder @ Businest

Rhondalynn is the founder of businest® – named The App You Should Be Using at Accountex (USA) and a Top 10 app by Intuit QuickBooks.

Dashboards diagnose financial pain… businest® fixes it.

Rhondalynn is a lawyer, chartered accountant, business coach, author, and expert on business improvement. She has distilled the secrets to business success learned from 25+ years in senior management and produced a simple step-by-step process that any SME can apply to boost their bottom line and cash flow.

Businest® takes data from your accounting software and uses artificial intelligence to identify the 2-3 strategies you must implement to fix problems plus grow profitably. Think of businest® as a mini-MBA in business but it’s specific to your numbers, industry, and opportunities.