Anil Sabharwal

Vice President, Product Management @ Google

As Vice President of Product Management at Google, Anil leads the company’s global efforts across Google Photos, Chrome and ChromeOS.

Responsible for the overall strategy as well as product, engineering, and design, Anil directed the team that conceived, built, and launched Google Photos in 2015. Photos is one of the fastest growing consumer apps in history, with hundreds of millions of users uploading billions of photos and videos to the service every day.

It has been heralded as one of Google’s finest examples of Artificial Intelligence working to solve real user problems. Anil also leads the global Chrome team. This includes responsibility for the Chrome Browser, the number one web browser in the world with billions of users, as well as ChromeOS, the leading operating system used in primary education.

Based in Sydney, Anil is also the site lead for Google Australia, leading Google’s 700 engineers locally. A Google veteran of over 10 years, Anil previously led the product team that launched Google’s first-ever native mobile apps on Android and iOS for Google Drive and Docs, and was instrumental in growing Google’s multi-person video conferencing experience in Enterprise.

Prior to joining Google, Anil co-founded Desire2Learn, one of the world’s largest online learning companies, and was General Manager of Talent2’s management consulting division. He possesses a rare combination of entrepreneurial product vision and organizational leadership skills that have allowed him to time-and-time-again build and scale successful businesses. Born and raised in Montreal, Anil graduated as valedictorian from the University of Waterloo with an Honors Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science. He has been nominated as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, and, true to his roots, loves ice hockey, maple syrup, and moose. He and his family have lived in Sydney, Australia since 2006.