Cary Correia

Chief Commercial Data Scientist @ GE

Cary has a deep background in process improvement, Six Sigma and data science with a proven track record in applying these techniques in a wide variety of industries and business settings.

A GE veteran with 30+ years of experience, Cary most recently held the GE post of Chief Commercial Data Science Leader where his role was to identify the market map for various target industries, enrich data sources, build predictive models and prioritize the accounts for sales and marketing.  As a result of these efforts GE was able to improve their go to market strategy for multiple GE platforms.  Cary was awarded the GE Edison award in Marketing and Sales in 2018 for generating $1B of pipeline with $300MM in conversion within a 1.5 year period.

In previous GE jobs,  Cary Correia had been the principal leader and designer of the account targeting systems for GE Capital.  During his tenure as their Commercial Decision Sciences Leader he introduced and led the first models that introduced the concepts of data enrichment and account targeting to drive sales force effectiveness and to optimize sales force deployment and budgeting.  During a span of 14 years, his leadership has developed a very diverse suite of models that have been used in direct B to B, indirect B to C, specialty markets and vertical market targets for GE Capital.

In addition to GE Capital, Cary has held positions in manufacturing, Six Sigma, e-business and Access GE across multiple GE Businesses (GE ED&C, GE Power Management, NBC, GE Power Systems and GE Capital).  He is a certified data scientist and GE Analytics Engineer (2015) and has multiple Six Sigma certifications from multiple GE businesses (BB, MBB and QL).

Cary has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Ryerson University.  He resides in Sandy Hook CT with his wife, 3 kids and 4 dogs.