Dr. Philip Smart

Specialist Colorectal Surgeon @ Epworth HealthCare

Philip Smart is a Specialist Colorectal surgeon. He studied Medicine at the University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School, graduating in 1999. He completed surgical training at Royal Melbourne Hospital, obtaining a Fellowship in General Surgery in 2009. He completed 3 years of subspecialist training in Colon and Rectal surgery, including a Clinical Fellowship in 2013 at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio USA where he completed Robotic Surgery Training.

He completed a Doctor of Medical Science degree (D.Med.Sci) at the University of Melbourne and holds a degree in Clinical Research Methods through Monash University.

He is currently the Deputy Director of the Gastrointestinal Clinical Institute at Epworth HealthCare and Chair of the Operations Committee for the Binational Colorectal Cancer Audit (BCCA). He holds public hospital appointments at both Austin and Eastern Health and is a Senior Lecturer in Surgery at the University of Melbourne.

Philip is also the founder of one of Australia’s most popular medical apps used by Doctors and Surgeons, MBS Search, which has 1 million sessions per annum. MBS Search enables Surgeons to search for relevant MBS codes for their consultations and surgeries.